Modeling Working Group

This modeling working group provides the following modeling supports for the upcoming SMILE mission.

1. Grand modeling challenge: MHD model comparison and SXI requirements/goals

  1. unify the X-ray calculation method (same neutral density model, background, etc), 
  2. check the model-to-model difference on SWCX signals and on the boundary locations (bow shock, magnetopause, and cusp)
  3. provide the MHD point of view on the range of X-ray signal strength.
  4. provide the range of the expected boundary locations under various solar wind flux.
  5. give a unified voice on the science requirements and goals (how high solar wind flux is needed to find the boundaries within 0.5RE resolution for 5 mins, or 0.2 RE resolution for 1 min?)

2. Boundary tracing from SXI data

  1. select one exemplary simulation results to test the boundary tracing techniques.
  2. test Anderson & Tianran (AT)’s magnetopause tracing method by using the SXI specification (orbit, field-of-view, backgrounds, noise, etc)
  3. test Michael & Hyunju (MH)’s magnetopause tracing method by using the same SXI specification.
  4. check validity of each methods and understand the pros and cons (I think both of our techniques can create synergy, validating each other’s results.)
  5. prepare a programing tool for the SXI data analysis
  6. develop and validate the tracing methods for other boundaries (bow shock and cusps)

3. Other science projects: 

  1. investigate if small magnetosheath signatures such as HSJ are visible in the soft X-rays. 
  2. investigate the magnetosphere -  ionosphere coupling using Soft X-ray and aurora images